3 Piece Rigid Box

Choose the base and lid box with a neck tray and insert construction, also known as a 3 Piece Rigid Box (aka setup box), if you need a product/packaging box with distinction. This style is made up of three chipboard trays, a top and bottom as well as an interior neck tray, and an insert made from a variety of materials. Combining the design options offered by the 3 Piece Setup Box- namely a sleek silhouette and snug fit- and the custom quality of an insert, this construction is perfect for luxury products such as; cosmetics, perfumes, candles, gourmet foods, wine and other high-end gift items. Create a beautiful package and shine the light on your product with the 3 Piece Box style. Nothing says quality product like quality packaging. 3 Piece Rigid Set-Up Boxes have no rough edges, no tabs to tuck or insert. They are sleek, uniform, and resilient, even after many openings. The Gift Box Company's Boxes are individually checked for quality so that every box you receive is as perfect as the next.

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