Fold Over Box

The Fold Over Box is made up of a set up tray within an outer four-panel folder to form a lid with an additional front lip for easy closure. This design is perfect for product displays, archival prints and photos, project proposals, etc. The additional front panel creates an especially sleek profile, and with your choice of magnetic, Velcro, ribbon tie, or custom closure, an especially secure package solution. This package can be made with infinite choice of wrapping material, cover embellishment and closure, although this design lends itself particularly well to magnetic closure. This construction is ideal for both consumer products and product launches, as well as marketing materials, press kits, and promotional items. These rigid set-up boxes are made of heavy cardboard covered with paper inside and out as shown in picture.

They feature a hinge at the back of the box and a magnetic catch on the flap on the front that keeps the box securely shut yet allows the box to be opened and closed easily.

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